Quality Assurance

At TODAI Autoparts we put an emphasis on quality and consitency for every item we produce. To achieve that, we have put quality as part of our system, on every part of the process:

  • Supplier selection: Our supplier must pass our audit for technical ability, commitment, as well as supply ability. Each new material spec must also be tested before being used.
  •  Incoming goods inspection: All incoming raw materials are fully inspected before they can enter our raw material storage area
  •  Pre-production and production lot inspection: The first few pieces of every batch is fully inspected for dimension and stability. The process is then repeated every specified number of pieces produced for the duration of the lot. Rubber compounds are also tested for characteristic separately for every batch produced.
  •  Visual inspection: All finished products are checked visually for any defects or missing process.

In addition to quality system, proper equipments are also needed to support the system. Thus we use an array of test equipments to ensure the quality of our products .

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