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        TODAI autoparts was established in 2010 to support the growing automotive sector in Indonesia with engine mount as our first product
        In 2013, TODAI autoparts added rubber bushings to further expand its product range.
        As the automotive sector grows in Indonesia, TODAI parts has also grown with the industry. Our manufacturing partner currently have metal press machine with capacity of up to 500 Tons, rubber injection machine with capacity of up to 300 Tons, along with equipments for further processing / assembly such as welding, riveting,assembly line, etc.
        To further maintain our focus in quality,we select only manufacturing partners with similar commitment in quality, proven by their ISO certificate or its implementation.
        We enter the after-market industry with strong knowledge and expertise in both rubber and metal industry, we chose to specialize in vibration parts for automotive, in line with our expertise. Our product currently includes engine mounting, bush arm, and support shocks. We market our products with 'Todai' brand.
        In the future, we are aiming to be a leading player in after-market car parts manufacturer, with our products distributed not only in domestic market, but also in overseas market. To do so, we will continue to focus on quality, while expanding our product range and keeping up to date with the latest manufacturing techniques and material development.

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